Since our foundation in 1983 we have been a family owned business with one simple aim: to become one of the UK's leading sign companies.

In achieving that goal we have learned that the attention to detail, the commitment to quality and the friendly, personal touches we have developed over the years are as vital and valued today as they were when we began.

When you sign in with Hitech, you are subscribing to a business philosophy that puts your priorities first. It stems from the traditional values that are the keynotes of our own business ethic.

We aim to make the enthusiasm and spirit of co-operation that we created within our own business the foundation for lasting relationships with our customers.




From our local client base to giant multi-nationals, from public institutions to emerging new technologies, our customers have the same access to our experience and expertise.

At every stage of design, manufacture, installation and service, we are always available. To talk, to advise and to recommend…and often more importantly, to listen and learn. When you sign in with Hitech, it is a sign of successful businesses working together.