1. Can you design my sign?
Yes we can. We are frequently involved in producing design concepts for new or indeed, established businesses. It's a great compliment when a client feels comfortable and confident in us that they seek our advice in creating what in many cases will be the first indication as to a company's professional approach to their corporate image. A logo well designed and a premises sympathetically signed is an ever present reminder of a company's professional approach.
  1. What type of materials?
As you can imagine, the range of materials available in today's market place is vast and here at Hitech Signs, we are constantly updating, re-training and keeping ahead of our competitors in selecting the best materials available for our client's signage projects. As with design, the correct selection of the right materials is very important in both providing a durable long-term product and a sleek professional image. At our showroom we have many examples of modern, contemporary and traditional sign making solutions and we are always delighted to discuss material choices with our clients.
  1. Illumination. Should the sign be illuminated or not?
This is probably the most commonly asked question. Illumination of a sign can be a vital aspect to its overall dynamics. There are several key factors in deciding whether a sign should be illuminated or not. Location, planning restrictions, business' operational requirements. A lawyers office in a sleepy town may not require a dynamic, internally illuminated set of letters whereby a fast food outlet, operating on the High street looking to attract passing trade would certainly seek to secure a design proposal encompassing the very latest of lighting technologies. Most illumination related questions are ironed out at the design stage and many signs benefit from being both illuminated or non-illuminated depending on its design content.
  1. Planning.
The law has recently changed in that it is now a local authority's responsibility to set planning regulations within its local boundaries. In my experience, the Planning Department's modern responsible approach to commercial signing and guiding has been positive and we welcome the opportunity to discuss sensitive signing projects with the local Planning Department. It is best advice, should we or our clients be intending to place a planning control advertisement application, to discuss the signage content with the relevant planning officer prior to implementing an application. The Governments White Paper Relevant to Town and Country Planning Scotland 1984, no 467 S.47 is a clear and concise guide to the standard statutory requirements. This can be purchased at any government stationery office or reputable bookshop.
  1. Electrical Power. Do we install the electrical power?
No we don't. We are not electricians, however we are happy to discuss, liase and advise our clients electrical contractor as to the best solution to providing an electrical point at the sign and best switching and time clock arrangements. Many of our clients do not have direct access to an electrician and at this point we are happy to instruct a sub-contractor to carry out these works on behalf of our client.
  1. Maintenance. Can you maintain and look after my signs once they have been installed?
Yes, of course we can. You've laboured for months over the design, spent weeks picking the materials and smiled broadly at the finished article. Why wouldn't you look after it? It's good houseman-ship to maintain and look after your corporate identity. It's your unique identity and as such should always provide a strong ambassadorial role to your corporate image. Please feel free to discuss, at any point, our various maintenance packages, which are tailor suited to our individual clients needs.
  1. Guarantee Period.
All our signs installed by us are guaranteed for a one year period (neon discharge tubing installations if serviced at 6 monthly intervals).
  1. Can you look after my business on a national basis?
Yes. Hitech Signs specialise in multi-site national contracts. Our network of installation teams cover the U.K. and Ireland and we are proud of our many multi-site client contracts.